Off the Paige 
Art & Design 

Lenoir City, TN 37

114 E Broadway Street,   Suite A

Lenoir City, TN  37771

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Tuesdays 6:00 - 7:30 pm

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Classes end January 23, 2024

This course will begin with an introduction to materials - types of brushes and their uses, variety and quality of watercolor papers, cakes vs. tubes of paint, etc.

There will be exercises and experimenting with brush strokes, washes, color mixing and blending and - most importantly, developing a balance and harmony of the water and color.

A class emphasis will be on creating an interesting composition of chosen subject... ie which is superfluous to the composition; and what is vital to emphasize the main focus of the composition.

"Color" will play a big part in the course - mixing, intensity, application and the "human response to color".

The first painting will be pre-drawn on watercolor paper.  An assortment of paints and papers will be available for student use.  If you have supplies you like to use, feel free to bring them.

The purpose of this class is NOT to create a "fine artist"; but to share a relaxing time of fellowship and personal expression.

Course taught by Louise Ragle