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114 E Broadway Street,   Suite A

Lenoir City, TN  37771

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Welcome to my website!


If this is your first visit, you may be a little overwhelmed with the various products I offer.  Well ... welcome to my world! Even I get overwhelmed at times, but I wouldn't change a thing. I love my life, chaos and all.  I am beyond blessed to have found passion for something so late in my life.  Sculpted cakes, 3-D dinosaurs crashing through walls,  crazy-fun kid room makeovers, etc. could not be further from the Finance degree and CPA certificate that I worked years to achieve.

After attaining those corporate world credentials, I spent  the next several years feeling like I had no real idea what I wanted to do "when I grew up." Even in my 40's, I joked about it.  Well, I finally figured out the reason for my indecision. I didn't want to grow up.  And it was okay.  Not normal, but okay.  I love creating smiles that you can't hide, little girl giggles you can't hold back, child like happiness and sharing unexpected joy - no matter how small.  I need it.  I have to have it. So, I'm finally embracing it with all that I have and I have never been happier.

Take all the time you want to scan the pages of my website.  No doubt I will be adding many pictures, projects and successes/failures.  I don't imagine that my brain will suddenly stop flashing images of future creations.  I guess you're starting to understand the name of my business by now.  There is no other way to encompass so many interests, so much passion for creativity and so much joy for all my many blessings.