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Paige defreece, owner

Sandy McFadyen

Hello, I'm Sandy McFadyen, originally from Long Beach, California.  My grandmother loved to travel and at a young age I became her favorite travel companion.  We explored the world, meeting the locals, learning about their traditions, food and landscape.  I was always drawn to their craft, pottery, and paintings. 

As a young adult, I studied Biology at the University of California, which came in handy later in my life.  Every chance I had I would squeeze in an art class, soaking in the knowledge of artists past.  I became fascinated with glass and mosaic art.  I traveled extensively through Europe in search of beautiful works of stained glass in cathedrals and small countryside churches and ancient mosaics created in structures.  I visited museums where I would stand in awe of masterpieces I had only seen in books.

Today I am a mother to 3 beautiful humans in their 20's.  When my daughter was born, she suffered a birth injury leaving her chronically ill.

I rekindled my passion for creating beautiful things while spending many days  and nights in the hospital and doctor offices.  I found that in the most stressful situations, I was able to slip into peace with a simple sheet of paper, a yellow #2 pencil.  Art became my escape from stress while still present in the care of my child.  Looking back, I am grateful I was able to grow both as a mother and a creator.

I've spent over 2 decades creating and sharing through teaching art in schools and participating in art shows.  I left all that behind when we decided to move to beautiful Tennessee - truly God's country.

Twenty-two years as a caregiver to my beautiful girl with "extras" is rewarding but hard.  Getting lost in my creative process is my refuge from all the crazy of this world.  I am at peace with the hard because of the beauty I can create.  I thank God for giving me gifts I can share, whether it's a tiny suncatcher made of colorful glass, a mosaic stepping stone in the garden or helping someone discover their creative side through classes and workshops.

Gina Strand

Introducing Gina Strand, a versatile artist originally from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, now residing in Lenoir City, Tennessee.  By day she navigates the corporate landscape, but her true passion lies in the realm of creativity.  With a penchant from experimenting across various mediums, Gina is a true "creator of things."  Her artwork is a testament to her diverse interests and exploratory spirit.  From the heartlands to the South, Gina's journey has enriched her artistic perspective, infusing her creations with a unique blend of influences.  In her precious moments of downtime, she transforms her imaginative ideas into tangible pieces or art, reflecting her journey, experiences , and personal evolution.  Gina Strand's portfolio encapsulates the essence of a dedicated artist weaving together the tapestry of life and imagination.

Kim burritt

Kim Burritt is a passionate artist hailing from Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  With a lifelong love for art and creativity, Kim's journey as an artist began as early as memory serves.  A resident of Knoxville since 2011, Kim has cultivated a unique artistic style that reflects the rich tapestry of experiences and inspirations found in this vibrant city.

Although Kim spent the last decade working from home for CVS, her dedication to the world of art has been unwavering.  Recently, she took a significant step in her artistic journey by investing in an art studio in Lenoir City, a venture she shares with her sister.  This new creative space serves as a haven for Kim's artistic exploration and collaboration.  Kim's work embodies a fusion of various influences, showcasing a dynamic blend of textures, colors, and emotions.  Her pieces often resonate with a sense of connection to the world around us, capturing the beauty of everyday life through her unique lens.

With her art studio as a canvas for future endeavors, Kim Burritt is poised to make a lasting impact on the artistic landscape.  Keep an eye on this emerging artist as she continues to bring her creative vision to life, sharing her passion and connecting with art enthusiasts everywhere.

I began Off the Paige - Art & Design to encompass all of my many various endeavors.  The name, created by my son, Steven, was the perfect fit for the overwhelming ideas fighting for the forefront of my brain!  While I get exhausted and overwhelmed from my ADD mind, I wouldn't change a thing.  I love my life, chaos and all.  I am beyond blessed to have found passion for something so late in life.  Sculped cakes, 3-D dinosaurs crashing through walls, giant gnomes and mushrooms, crazy-fun room makeovers, sharing my creativity through teaching, etc. could not be further from the Finance degree and CPA certificate that I worked years to achieve.

After attaining those corporate work credentials, I spent the next several years feeling like I had no real idea what I wanted to do "when I grew up."  Even in my 40s, I joked about it.  Well, I finally figured out the reason for my indecision.  I didn't want to grow up . . . and it was okay.  Not normal, but okay.  I love creating smiles that you can't hide, little girl giggles you can't hold back, child like happiness and sharing unexpected joy - no matter how small.  I need it.  I have to have it.  So I'm finally embracing it with all that I have and I have never been happier.

None of this would be possible without God's huge blessings in my life -  My husband, Mike, and my 3 kids, Meagan, Steven and Parker.  They have supported me and moved my abundance of tools and supplies multiple times.  Living the majority of my life in Farragut, I truly believe that I have finally found a home for my studio in the charming Historic Downtown Lenoir City.  I'm pretty sure that I just heard a huge sigh of relief from my family!

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