Off the Paige 
Art & Design 

Lenoir City, TN 37

114 E Broadway Street,   Suite A

Lenoir City, TN  37771

(865) 317-1271

Painted Wooden Butterflies

Requires 2 classes - 2 hours ea    $28.00 each

Wine Decor Bottles

Requires 1 class - min of 2 hours         Total $45.00

Mixed Media projects


Learn how to take images from the internet and edit to desired size.  Then trace onto wood and cut out using a scroll saw.  Some sanding and layers of vibrant paint, covered with a few layers of polyurethane and you have beautiful pieces of art for an indoor/outdoor wall.

This is so fun and so easy! We will make designs using plaster, wire, metal foils, etc on 6 pieces of wood squares. You will be amazed to discover the artist in you!

Learn how to take ordinary food containers and turn them into fun Halloween decorations
using hot glue, tissue paper, paint, etc. Class time is an estimate. Be prepared to stay a little longer, if necessary.

Witch's Brew

Requires 1 class - 2 hour min                Total $28.00

6 Piece Wall Art

Requires 2 classes - 2 hrs ea         $28.00 each

Make 4 plain wine bottles into a cute center piece, home décor or gift. We will us twine or white rope to cover the bottles top to bottom. Then decorate with buttons, ribbon, flowers, etc to spell out a nice 4 letter word. Be prepared to stay a little longer, if necessary.

These signs have a secret. To visiting guests, they are simply beautiful, inspirational signs that hang on your wall. What they don’t know is that on the flip side is an important reminder to your family. Ours say ALARM and we flip them over to remind us not to open the door.  They are disguised post it notes!

2 Sided Wooden Sign Set

Requires 1 class - 2 hour min              $30.00

Learn to add texture to a plain bottle using glue and paper.  Then add decor with air dry clay. Come back to add metallic paint.  Entire project including 2nd visit just $35.

These yarn and fabric dogs are adorable!  In this class you will have your choice of several bulky yarns and furry fabric to make one large dog.  You will learn to make noses, tongues and hats/bows to bring out your pups own personality!

Decorate a Beautiful Bottle

Requires 2 classes - 90 min ea       $40 total

Yarn/Fabric Dogs!

Requires 1 class - 2 hours                         $28.00