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Art & Design 

Lenoir City, TN 37

114 E Broadway Street,   Suite A

Lenoir City, TN  37771

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Cookie Bouquets

Requires 2 classes - 90 min each        $22.00 each

Animal Cupcakes

Requires 1 class - 2 hour +                 Total $28.00

Edible art projects


In the first class, the kids get to decorate a pot with all kinds of vibrant colors. Then they choose what cookies they want me to bake. The second class, the kids get to decorate the cookies with fondant and icing. Yum!

Make any birthday cake special! In this set of classes, you will learn various techniques to make unique and adorable figures to add to any cake or cupcake.

It's so much fun and so exciting to surprise your special loved ones on their special day.

Learn to make gum paste flowers that you can proudly display on top of any cake or cupcake! The first class is all about rolling, stamping and cutting the petals. We will drape them to dry. The second class will include coloring the petals with dusting powder and then assembling them into beautiful flowers!

Using molds that I’ve made, the kids form fondant into facial features of various animals. They ice their cupcakes, then add a circle of fondant, followed by the features they have made. It is so much fun to see how excited they are to create such cute cupcakes! They take 6 cupcakes home and devour the 7th in class!

Gum Paste Flowers

Requires 2 classes - 2 hours ea         $25.00 each

Fondant & Gum Paste Figures

Requires 2 classes - 2 hrs ea        $28.00 each